Locks accomplish one of the most important missions, as they keep your home and family protected against intruders. Nevertheless, we often see how people never care too much about having them serviced. This can have a detrimental effect on your safety because household locks are prone to wear just as any other mechanical device. We believe that getting in touch with a reliable locksmithing service is a strategic move that will bring you lots of benefits and at Locksmith Kent we offer you the best option you will ever find. We have all types of locks and security systems for your house as well as the high-quality workforce necessary for the installation and repair of security hardware to keep your home protected 24/7.

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Professional locksmithing has diversified to the extent of being able to provide a vast range of security devices and services, and not only locks and keys. Locksmith Kent has a comprehensive catalog that comprises from simple mortise locks to the most sophisticated security systems with CCTV and motion sensors. For residential buildings, we can cover every single security need you may have, and here we list the most usual ones:


We know how troublesome it can be for you not being able to access all the rooms in your home, and if you lost the original key of any of your locks, you will probably feel your security compromised. At Locksmith Kent, with our high-quality and fast re-keying services, we will alter the inner mechanism of the lock in just a few minutes, to render the old key useless and provide you with a brand new key with a new pattern.

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Not all the locks get old and rusty at the same time. You may think that you have to replace them from time to time, but the truth is that if you perform regular maintenance on all your locks, their lifetime and protection will be greatly extended. At Kent Locksmith, we have the best professionals that know how to handle any kind of lock. They will disassemble them and after locating the damaged parts they will repair them immediately, leaving your locks as new and saving you money.


When the locks are too old or receive critical damage, repairing them may not be the best alternative since the resulting quality will not be enough to bring the desired protection. Locksmith Kent has access to all kinds of locks and can provide you with the most appropriate one to your specific needs. Our professionals will remove the previous lock without harming the door and will place the new one and make the necessary adjustments.

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Safes are an outstanding option to bring additional security to your most valuable goods. Essentially a safe is a reinforced box made of sturdy materials and with high resistance to fires or heavy damage. Safes are not protected by conventional locks; they use more complex security systems often protected by a code or password. Recent models include electronic devices that recognize biometric patterns, voice commands, passwords or even a combination of these.


There is no “too much security” when talking about our home and family. If you want to take your safety measures even further, we have a lot of options that could be useful. As a complete security products and services provider, Locksmith Kent also has a wide stock of sophisticated devices such as security cameras, motion sensors, electronic locks, access control systems and armored doors. Just give us a call and tell us your concern and we will offer you the best alternative.

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Feel free to call us at any moment. Locksmith Kent has the best customer service and we will gladly answer your questions and concerns. Our professionals are ready to meet you and help you improve your home security.