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Accidents can occur when we least expect it. Many thefts or scams take place when someone is in an urgent need of a locksmithing service, which means you always need to have a trustful one ready to assist you. In Locksmith Kent we know this, so we offer you an emergency service that will be able to effectively give you a swift answer when you’re in a desperate situation.

When you contact Locksmith Kent, you will always be treated with respect as we gather the information we need in order to know how to proceed. We will then quickly contact our professionals so they start heading right to your location. Our technicians will start working on the issue right after they arrive, solving it on the spot in a matter of minutes, which will make you save up your valuable time and money!

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Locksmith Kent can offer you emergency services for all kinds of situations and environments. We can solve your lockout, key breaking or lock malfunction situations in your home, your business or even your car.

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Home Emergencies

When in a hurry we might leave our keys inside our homes by accident, which will lead to a lockout situation. At Locksmith Kent we consider this is one of the most common times people request a locksmith service, so our experienced technicians are trained to quickly and carefully open up any lock without harming the door, making you feel relief as you enter your home again.

Some people also force their keys to much, often leading to key bending or breaking. If this is the case, our technicians at Locksmith Kent will proceed as needed and then offer crafting service for a brand new key for you to use if needed. They will also offer you a rekeying service, making any copy of your old key completely useless.

Commercial Emergencies

Your business’ safety is really important to us. That’s why in Locksmith Kent we got to be really effective when it comes to business emergencies. Some burglars take advantage of these situations to make their “move”, so we also got to be fast, so our customer can rest assured his business’ security is in the right hands.

Our professionals can also fix any issue related to cameras, TVCC and any locking hardware you may have installed on your doors (password-locking pads, biometric data reading devices, etc.). In Locksmith Kent we know there are some circumstances that can lead to device malfunction: misuse, natural wear, and tear or tampering. That’s why our professionals are trained to swiftly identify any physical damage dealt to your devices by carefully examining them, performing a fix right on the spot (if possible and/or requested).

After letting you know how to proceed, they will offer you services they consider necessary. These services can all be modified so they fit your budget.

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Automotive Emergencies

Just like your home and business, your car is also vulnerable to lock problems. In the case of a lockout, Locksmith Kent offers you professionals that are trained for these situations and can effectively open up your car doors without causing any harm, letting you access the insides of your car again.

As for key breaking inside of locks or key bending, our professionals will promptly remove any leftovers the broken key could have left inside the lock (if needed), and will offer to craft a new copy of your key for you. This is possible thanks to our stock, which includes many key blanks for almost every car model.

Got an emergency? Let us know!

In Locksmith Kent we care about your safety, we want to make our customers as safe as possible at all times, so make sure to give us a call when an emergency arrives! Our staff members are waiting for you to contact them!

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