We are always on the road, traveling to different places. Maybe you are visiting your family, picking up the kids or going to an important meeting but you need your car to get where you need to be right on time. Keys are objects that we tend to forget or lose easily, and car keys are perhaps those that we lose the most. So, don’t blame your luck or how easily you get distracted, next time you lose your car key or break it contact Locksmith Kent and we will arrive just in time to get you on the road in a few minutes.

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Prevention is the best way of approaching risk. At Locksmith Kent we strongly support clients who look for proactive measures to improve their security. Keys are small and they can be easily forgotten anywhere, that being said, a good practice is to have some additional copies just in case we make a mistake. We can leave one of those keys at home, or put it in our wallet, or give it to a close friend.

Locksmith Kent can create additional keys with our modern laser cutting technology; we can even program a new chip in case you have an advanced transponder key.


If you lose your keys and you don’t have spare copies, rekeying the lock is a plausible solution. By rekeying we refer to modify how the mechanism inside the lock is configured, so it accepts a new, different key, and reject the previous one. This method can give you a better feeling of safety since you know that the new key is unique and nobody will have access to its pattern.

Locksmith Kent can perform a quick and perfect rekey on your door and trunk locks, as well as the ignition cylinder. In case of emergency, our technicians will do everything on the spot.

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If you are not careful enough, it is possible to damage your car keys to the extent that they end breaking inside the lock or the ignition cylinder. At Locksmith Kent we have solved dozens of cases like this, thanks to our advanced tools that allow us to extract the key without harming the lock, the car door or surrounding mechanisms. After the extraction, we will gladly cut a copy of the broken key using the remains as a guide. If the key is a transponder, there is no need of programming a new chip, since we can simply remove the one in the broken key and install it in the new one, saving you lots of money and time.


The ignition is the most frequently used part of your vehicle, and it can get damaged after continuous use if not provided with periodic maintenance. Kent Locksmith can help you solve all your problems regarding your car ignition. We can replace the whole thing in less than an hour, and getting a broken key out of is no problem for our experts. They will perform the needed maintenance or procedure without damaging the interior of your car. No spills, dust or other materials will ruin the carpets or fabric of your vehicle. We can do this even on the road if you are facing an emergency; we are just a phone call away.
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Emergencies are situations that need to be addressed immediately when it comes to finding the appropriate solution in the shortest time possible you need certified professionals that have the know-how to work with the best equipment available. Kent Locksmith is aware of the response time needed to take care of your emergencies, that’s why we are available to help you 24/7 with our emergency services. Don’t alter your schedule or delay your meetings, we will get to your location in minutes and solve your problem quickly.