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Locksmith Kent was founded in 1976 by Peter and Chloe Richfield. With a loan from Chloe’s father, their vision of a modern locksmith service with three departments: residential, commercial and automotive services, became a reality when they opened their first agency using their garage as a workshop. There was no locksmith in the neighborhood so their success was quick and they managed their earnings wisely by acquiring better tools and renting a new place for the business. From the beginning, they outshined the competition with their lovely customer service and their passion for serving, and by 1985 Locksmith Kent had two more agencies and a team of 12 locksmiths. They underwent the certification process and started teaching young people willing to work. When the advent of digital devices happened, Locksmith Kent was present in the three most important regions of the city, with agencies in the Valley, East Hill, and West Hill. We strived to adapt the technological advances to our services, and we finally made it through hard study and a lot of practice. In the 2000’s we established as the top security service providers of the city. We have performed tasks for big players of our city’s economy such as

General Electric, Whirlpool Corporation, and even Boeing. In the next few years, Locksmith Kent plans to expand even more and add cybersecurity to their service chart. Feel free to navigate through our website and make sure of giving us a call to let us know what you think!