Every company no matter how small or big needs a security framework specially designed to cover all of their safety needs at all times. When it comes to the best security systems for your enterprise you need the help of qualified personnel and Locksmith Kent is your best choice. Kent Locksmith professionals are thoroughly trained in all aspects of locksmithing, from crafting new keys for all doors in your company to the installation and maintenance of complete security systems that will help you to consistently protect your valuable assets, corporative information, and employees.

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Every business is unique and has its own security needs. At Kent Locksmith our professionals are thoroughly trained to find the best security structure that meets your requirements and is adapted to your budget to ensure that your business is properly protected at all times. We will make sure that your safety is never at risk even in emergency situations. The services and products we provide to businesses can be categorized as follows:


Kent Locksmith knows how common it is to lose keys at a company; after all, they move through a lot of hands and are small. Nevertheless, in business, you can`t take those risks. With our re-keying services you can make sure that if you or your employees lose a key, no unauthorized person will have access to your precious information or products. We will alter the inner mechanism of the lock creating a new key pattern, rendering the old key useless. Our locksmiths are hardly trained to rekey any lock you need, even the high-security ones.

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Used locks should not always be replaced until they are completely torn or worn out. While you may be inclined to replace the lock when it stops working, we always suggest a quick check to see if there is some way to fix the damaged parts and save you the costs of installing a new one. Locksmith Kent has the experience and the tools necessary to repair and extend the lifespan of any lock.


When locks are too old or receive heavy damage, the only option left is to replace them with new ones. The thing is that replacing a lock can be a difficult task, as it demands specialized tools and being very careful because the process can damage the surrounding hardware. That being said, a professional locksmith is the smartest choice when dealing with a useless lock. Locksmith Kent can provide you with the best locks of a wide range of materials and brands. Our technicians will perform a clean replacement and will leave your doors and their surroundings without a scratch.

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As a business owner, we know that you want to stay in control. Master key systems are an economic way to have access to every single door in your company, in a single key. In the process we can create some other keys that can open different groups of doors, creating security layers as you provide those keys to certain employees. Locksmith Kent is able to design and execute a very secure master key scheme.


Business owners are obligated to follow certain federal regulations in order to stay legal. Locksmith Kent knows everything about business safety, and we can provide you with all the products and services needed to meet the requirements in terms of security. We have various options in emergency exit devices, and panic hardware, which are essentially special doors that can be opened more easily than normal ones, to allow employees escape in case of dangerous situations. Our technicians will install everything and make sure it works without issues for your complete satisfaction.

We also provide an emergency locksmith service for business, to solve those situations in which your productivity and safety are compromised. We have plenty of mobile units scattered in the city that can reach you wherever you are in a matter of minutes. We are just one call away!

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