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Realizing that you are locked out of your home or business can be a pain. Lockouts mean that whatever you had planned, be it work or pleasure....


Automotive Locksmith

It's late at night, you've already spent the entire day working, and you've walked outside in the freezing weather to get into your car...


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The requirement of locks for both the residential and the commercial purposes is different. When it comes to commercial locksmith....


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Locks are essential to secure your materialistic things. Each household has some extremely valuable possessions that need security and that...


Sometimes a lock can stand in the way between you and your whole plans for the day. Lockouts or key problems, while very common, are really annoying and can be troublesome if the person is in a hurry because they adopt extreme measures to get back in, like breaking a window. That would definitely create another security risk, so if a situation like this ever occurs, it is mandatory to calm down and call Locksmith Kent to help you. The times when locksmiths took care exclusively of locks and keys are over. Our profession has evolved to become a full security providing service, after all locks where created to secure things.

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KENT WA LOCKSMITH / Being locked out of your home or office, having key issues with your vehicle, and lacking in top quality security are all problems that you need to fix.

Thanks to this, we are trained to install, repair and replace any kind of security devices, and not only locks and doors. We have a complete mastery in access control systems, security cameras, motion sensors, panic software among others.

Why us?

If what you are looking for is a good service that uses the most recent technologies, Locksmith Kent is highly recommended. Our rates are budget friendly, so you will feel the satisfaction of getting a good service at a fair cost. Our trained specialists will make sure you don’t have any complains.

Locksmith Kent takes the workshop to your house, business, or car, wherever and whenever you need it. We will be by your side to assist you and solve all your security problems. We carry all the products you may need such as keys, doorknobs, locks, deadbolts and the newest equipment to service your property like drills, grinders, lathes, and other hand and power tools. We have trained our staff to be prepared for anything.

Locksmith Kent also has a phone line for our customers to ask and clear any questions or doubts they may have about our products and services. Locksmith Kent simplifies the payment methods for its customers, by accepting every important credit and debit card. Don’t be shy and call us: Kent Locksmith will be there to help you fix your security systems and locks.

Our Services

We mentioned before that locksmithing has evolved to the extent of becoming a full security providing service, and this fact reflects directly on the range of services we offer. Locksmith Kent categorize these depending on the area they are mostly used (residential, automotive and business), because the kind of locks and security systems vary between them. But they have common ground in the following:

Utilizing anything less than a guaranteed professional is opening yourself up for more risks. These second rate professionals can harm your private, business, and auto locksmith needs.

Never utilize non certified, alternate ways in picking a qualified locksmith. Never put your own particular security at stake to take shortcuts. Continuously work with affirmed specialists and experts. Our security experts at Kent Locksmith can guarantee your well being and will treat you with the utmost respect.

Lock Repair: Locks are one of the most used mechanical devices in our lives. They are everywhere, and we operate them so often that we usually take them for granted. But being essentially mechanical tools, they are vulnerable to wear and tear, and sometimes they stop working for good. While you may be tempted to replace the lock, there is a chance that it can be repaired and by doing so we can save you money. This is particularly important in higher grade locks that are expensive and more complex, while household locks usually must be changed if damaged. In vehicles, lock repairing can be an option too, and Locksmith Kent has all the tools needed to do so even in emergency situations.

Lock Replacement: We always try to avoid a lock replacement as long as the current one is in good shape and its lifespan can be extended, but sometimes they are just too old and deteriorated, and there is no option left. This is more common in residential buildings that use locks of minor grade that tend to become useless when damaged. Changing an old lock for a new one can be a tricky task, as removing the previous one can damage the surrounding hardware if done incorrectly, so we strongly suggest to hire a specialized service. Locksmith Kent is the best option to replace any kind of lock at the best prices.

Key duplicates: A common request of our customers is to create additional copies of their keys. This can have several purposes, like giving access to different people to the same place, or having a backup in case of lockout situations. We offer the fastest key cutting in the market, and we can do it with the traditional cutter and with laser. The latter is safer, because laser cut keys are almost impossible to duplicate with regular key cutter machines. Car keys are somehow more complicated because the modern versions include advanced devices like transponder chips, which must be programmed in order to duplicate the whole key. Fortunately, Locksmith Kent has all the means for successfully duplicate any type of keys.

Rekeying: If you have the feeling that your home, car or office security has been breached, you can have us rekey your locks. This is a cheap way to avoid lock replacement, because by altering the lock pins we can make sure that the previous key is unable to open it, and then we cut a brand new key. Locksmith Kent has great technicians that can rekey your locks and maintain a strict confidentiality on your key pattern data.

Master Key: This services is very popular in the business world, because is a way to create access layers for your employees. You can have us stablish a master key system, and give to you a key that open all your doors, and several keys that open specific groups of doors. Locksmith Kent is the service of choice of all business owners in the area.

Emergency services: When your security systems fail, or you are in a hurry, there is a big chance of being caught in an emergency situation. Our approach in these cases is focused in our service speed. Somehow emergencies tend to happen when we are distracted by important things, like business meetings, dates, or other appointments and a fast service can be de difference between being on time and losing everything. Locksmith Kent put at your service a complete fleet of mobile units fully stocked with all tools and common replacements. These mobile workshops can perform advanced task right in the spot, and our professionals are trained to be efficient and really fast.


We will be happy to answer any question you may have about our services, so feel free to give us a call and schedule a visit to your place. Locksmith Kent staff members are insured, certified and bonded with the state, and we perform a complete background check to make sure you are dealing with honest and responsible people. We want you to trust us, and if you do, you won’t go unrewarded.

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